A thousand and One Epigrams


Pictures courtesy of Robert Rust. Description courtesy of Paul Jackson.

A Thousand and One Epigrams

 by Elbert Hubbard, 1911

Bound by Walter Jennings at The Roycroft Bindery in 1915

This is one of the two books known to be bound by Jennings.

This book measures 6" x 4 1/2" and has 186 pages. The body of the text is set in Scotch Roman and it was printed in two colors on Roycroft watermarked paper. The book was bound in paper over boards, 3/4 Levant, modeled leather, and full leather as seen above. Interestingly, although Walter Jennings first started work at The Roycroft in the Bindery, he is most famous as an extraordinary metal smith. Jennings left the bindery and went to work in the Copper Shop in 1909 and worked there until 1911. In 1911 Jennings went to work for Karl Kipp, another Roycroft Artisan, who founded the Tookay Shop. Tookay was named after Kipp's initials. Kipp signed his work with a backwards and forwards K. In 1915 after Elbert and Alice Hubbard's deaths on the Lusitania, Elbert Hubbard II convinced Karl Kipp and Walter U. Jennings to return to the Roycroft. This binding by Jennings was executed soon after his return to The Roycroft.

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