A Catalog and Some Comments

Catalog and commentary courtesy of Dick Blacher.

A Catalog and Some Comment

 1900 Version C

Note: Itís inscribed to Alice W. Larkin

This catalogue measures 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" and has 32 pages plus advertisements. There are also 16 sepia photos of various Roycrofters contained in this catalogue.

Note: Extraordinary Hubbard letter tipped in, "October 5, 1900, My Dear Charles, I send you today a copy of our new Catalogue; and your well trained sense of smell will probably detect something not exactly pleasant which comes from the leather of the binding. Some sort of a bleach has been used that was not entirely gotten rid of. Can you supply us a special sachet powder so we can sprinkle a little in each one of the boxes or through the books and thus neutralize this unpleasant smell; If you have something that you think will fit the purpose please send along a pound or so and we will try it. With all kind wishes, ever Your Sincere Elbert Hubbard. This catalog is listed in the 1900 catalog and sold for $2.00

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