Archiv Für Buch Binderei courtesy of Alburn Sleeper

Pictures courtesy of Robert Rust. Description courtesy of Paul Jackson.

Archiv Für Buch Binderei

by Jahrgang, 1910

The book above was owned by Charles Youngers, the "Boss Binder" at The Roycroft Bindery as of 1912. It was possibly given to him by Louis Kinder, although there is no direct evidence of this. The book above, written in German and details the processes and techniques of book binding, tooling, and stamping.

In 1912 Charlie Younger relieved Kinder as the Head of the Bindery. In an August 1912 article on The Roycroft, Youngers was noted as "The Boss Binder." Charles Youngers' bindings were usually only signed Roycroft but the one above is signed Youngers. Youngers' bindings are usually fairly plain in design. Most of Youngers' efforts were in supervising the trade work. As time passed he did less and less hand binding. Felix Shay in "Elbert Hubbard of East Aurora", called Youngers, "Kinder's star pupil and one who carries on the traditions at The Roycroft these days." Although he did relieve Kinder as "The Boss Binder" I think the binders that most carried on the style and craftsman ship of Kinder were Lorenz Schwartz, John Grabau, and Harry Avery.

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