Clubmen in Caricature 1918

See the forward in Clubmen of Maryland, this is word for word with the exception of the Elbert Hubbard attribution.

Book and pictures courtesy of Cathy R. Comments by Paul Jackson.

Clubmen in Caricature
Nineteen Hundred and Eighteen

drawings by G. A. Bronstrup and Associates, 1918

This book measures approximately  10 1/2" x 8 1/4" . This book is not listed in McKenna and says it was printed and bound by the Hicks-Judd Co. of San Francisco. I have some doubts as to the veracity of that as the title escutcheon is exactly like all the other Roycroft caricature books. Additionally, the forward is word for word the same as in many of the other Roycroft caricature books. If Hicks-Judd Co. actually printed and bound this it had to be either under Roycroft license or it was a direct rip off. If anyone else has any info on this I would appreciate the input. The caricatures are primarily of San Francisco personages and it starts of with Governor Stevens.

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