First I would like to thank, Paul McKenna, author of A History & Bibliography of the Roycroft Printing Shop and the publisher, Tona Graphics, Grand Island, New York.  Without the research and information provided in this book it would have been exceedingly difficult to get this site off the ground. Books I have not personally seen or held are liberally borrowed from this book. As it was the standard reference for these books I have tried whenever possible to maintain the descriptive layout provided my Mr. McKenna.

Additionally, I want to thank the following people for taking the time to teach me many things about the Roycroft Press of which I would probably still be ignorant today. The information they have provided has proven invaluable and the time they have spent educating me is and has been sincerely appreciated. I would also like to thank Dave Hricik for starting the Roycroft E-Group and the vast amounts of information I have gleaned from it.

Richard Blacher,  Boice Lydell,  Stephen and Paulette Modiano,  Robert Rust,  David Hricik,

Janet and Ernie Brammer,  Dave Kornacki,  Al Sleeper,  Joe Sheldon,  Andrew Vaughn,

Ron Soloway,  George Look,  Joe Kroboth,  Dick Poedtke,  Gary Wood,  Dard Hunter III,  and David Ogle.

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I also want to thank Gary Wood for proofreading and helping to correct my poor typing and English skills!

Any errors in this site are purely my own and are in no way a reflection on anyone else. I would sincerely appreciate any input, constructive or otherwise, that anyone has with regard to this site and its humble beginnings. Please email any comments and/or suggestions to: I am always looking for new pictures and/or information to continue to expand this site and all contributions received will be properly attributed to the best of my abilities.

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