An Adventure in Olive Oil

Booklet and pictures courtesy of Dick Blacher. Comments courtesy of Paul Jackson. Information courtesy of Pompeian Inc.

An Adventure in Olive Oil

By Elbert Hubbard, undated

This booklet measures 6" x 4 1/2" and has 15 numbered pages.

The Pompeian Company was started in Lucca Italy in the late 1880's. At the time the region of Tuscany was world renown for it's cultivation and production of Olive Oil. Lucca's close proximity to the port of Genoa made it an ideal international trading post, allowing the export of Pompeian Olive oil throughout the world. One of it's most important markets was the USA where consumers were just discovering Pompeian Olive Oil.

Today, Pompeian, Inc. is one of the leading importers, bottlers and distributors of olive oils and wine vinegars in the United States. In 1906, we were Baltimore's original and became the first brand of olive oil nationally introduced in the United States. By monitoring the growing, harvesting and pressing of the olives, then controlling the handling, shipping, storing and packing of the olive oil, we quickly became an industry leader. Today, we are America's favorite and also offer other foods from the Mediterranean including cooking wines, prepared olives, and artichoke hearts. Our olive oils and vinegars are easily distinguished on the grocery store shelves by Pompeian's patented tapered bottles.

At our U.S. headquarters in the busy port of Baltimore, Pompeian maintains naturally insulated underground storage tanks to keep our precious imported olive oil at optimum temperature, no matter what the season, until it can be packed in smaller containers.

Today, Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar are America's favorites. They, along with our other products, are sold throughout the United States, used by the food service industry and exported to other countries.

Pompeian remains true to our long-standing tradition of quality and consistency that began with our olive oil. For example, the essence of the vinegar flavors arrives in concentrate at our Baltimore facility and is then bottled under the strictest supervision to ensure that the Pompeian vinegars are produced with the highest quality standards. All of our products are continuously monitored and repeatedly tested by Pompeian and independent laboratories to meet strict industry standards. You can be sure that every product bearing the Pompeian name will live up to our company's century-old heritage of excellence.
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