American Academy of The Immortals

American Academy of The Immortals Dinner Invitation

The American Academy of the Immortals was started by Elbert Hubbard to generate book sales and business much as The Society of the Philistines had done for the Philistine chapbook. A 99 year membership in "American Academy of the Immortals" cost $10.00 and for joining you would receive $10.00 worth of books from a backlist at the cost of shipping. Additionally they would receive all back issues of the Philistine and Little Journeys for the year in which they joined and all subsequent issues for 99 years. Another benefit was members received a discount on furniture. Members were expected to attend the annual dinners if possible, purchase seats to Elbert Hubbard's lectures and buy Roycroft furniture. Later the 33rd degree was added at a cost of $125.00 which entitled the member to $125.00 worth of books, a free copy of every title published by The Roycrofters for life, and the choice of a piece of Roycroft furniture from a list enclosed with the membership papers. The dinner invitation above is from July 4th, 1903 and is a fairly rare item.

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