Ballads of a Book-worm courtesy of Boice Lydell

Book and pictures courtesy of Roycroft Historian Boice Lydell

Ballads of a Book-worm

by Irving Brown, 1899

#1 of 31

This book measures 8 1/4" x 5 1/2" and has 120 pages. The body of the text is in Old Style Antiqua 850 copies printed on Whatman paper and an additional 31 copies, as seen above printed on Japan Vellum. The title page and initials were hand illumined in all editions. Typically this book was bound in paper over boards. The book above was bound full Levant. The binding above is a Roycroft binding although it is unsigned.  The book was completed on April 21, 1899. McKenna notes no full Levant bindings in initial press runs.

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