The Beethoven Room Guest Book

Pictures and story courtesy of Mr. Richard Blacher.

The Beethoven Room Guest Book

A quaint practice followed for many years by the Roycroft Inn not sure when the custom started - was to leave a blank book in each of the rooms in which guests could jot down their comments, thoughts, suggestions, etc.

Many of the rooms at the Roycroft Inn were named in honor of some of the illustrious people Elbert Hubbard wrote about in his Little Journeys series, and guest books in those rooms had a page bound in with the name of the honoree. This book was placed in the Beethoven room and actively used from 1932 to 1935.

Its a lot of fun perusing these pages, and every so often a gem will pop up a negative review of the food and service staff, poems, memories of Hubbard, etc. Some of the guests were very creative. Unfortunately, few of these books survive, given the extreme wear they were subjected to by successive guests.

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