Courtesy of the Richard Blacher Collection

The Mintage 1910

The Law of Love 1905

Health and Wealth 1908

Health and Wealth 1908

Health and Wealth 1908

Pictures and commentary courtesy of Dick Blacher and the Richard Blacher Collection.

Better Modeled Leather Bindings

Only a small number of the modeled leather bindings were signed. Therefore, I feel it would be illustrative to categorize a few as (the Sack/Rago system) “Good, Better, Best.” The majority of the modeled leather bindings are usually found on regular production editions. (i.e., non-limited).

THE MINTAGE, by Elbert Hubbard, 1910
Note: Although of obviously higher quality than #1 -#4, they still have a veneer of mass production.
Note: Frederick Kranz's monogram can be seen at the bottom center of the front cover.

THE LAW OF LOVE, by Wm. Marion Reedy, 1905

HEALTH AND WEALTH, by Elbert Hubbard, 1908
Note: I’ve included 3 copies of this book, most likely executed by Frederick Kranz, as an example of the variety and depth of design employed on the same edition.

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