The Bilioustine courtesy of Dick Blacher

Pictures and commentary courtesy of Mr. Dick Blacher

The Bilioustine

A Periodical of Knock

Vol. #2, 1901

by Bert Leston Taylor and William S. Lord

The Bilioustine (A Periodical of Knock) was originally published in the Chicago Tribune in a column written by Bert Leston Taylor, "A Line-O’-Type-or-Two." It was reprinted in booklet form and significantly expanded in 1901 by William S. Lord (and a few cohorts), in Evanston, Illinois. Every page mercilessly skewers Elbert Hubbard, his writing, his books, and even his employees – i.e. Sinbad the Buzz-Saw for Ali Baba. This style of parody is extraordinarily difficult to bring off well, and I feel certain that for Mr. Lord and his friends, it was a true labor of love. Having read so much of Hubbard’s writing, I admit I cringed (and laughed out loud) at the dead-on accuracy of many of these send-ups. I believe Lord completed only the two editions pictured.

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