1912 Boycott of Autology booklet by The Roycroft

Book, pictures and note courtesy of Dick Blacher. Comments courtesy of Paul Jackson.

Autology Study ThySelf
Autopathy Cure Thyself

By E. R. Moras M.D.

This book measures 9" x 6 3/4"  and has 295 pages plus two pages of postscript. The book was printed in two colors on Chester Wove watermarked paper by M & G Co. The wheat stalks depicted on the title page and around the various capitals are almost identical to those designed by Dard Hunter and depicted in the 1908 Roycroft book Woman's Work.
The booklet is a Roycroft "preachment" that was printed in 1912 and written by Anna Stamm Moras who I would presume is either the wife or daughter of Dr. Moras.
I'm pretty much convinced (in my own mind) that this is a vanity press item printed by Roycroft, but not signed by them. I think you'll agree that the binding, cover lining, and design are all Roycroft. D.B.

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