On Going to Church

Pictures courtesy of Paul Jackson

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On Going to Church

by George Bernard Shaw, 1896

This book measures 6 7/8" x 4 1/2" and the body of text is printed in Old Style Antiqua. There were at least 420 copies printed on Dickinson Dekel-edge paper and bound in paper over boards with a white buckram spine. Twenty-five copies were printed on Tokyo Vellum and decorated with watercolors by Bertha Hubbard. There are at least five to six variants of this book.
The September 1896 Philistine is where we first see mention of this book and there were actually two ads both of which covered the limited edition of 25 (actually 26) and one that covered the regular edition above. the add states that the book is being done in the best Roycroft Style with Romanesque type, Kelmscott initials, Dickinson Dekel-edge paper and a wide margin. The price "stoutly bound" in antique boards was $1.00

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