On Going to Church, courtesy of Ron Soloway

The writing states: This book illustrated by W W Denslow.

Copyright 1896

W. W. Denslow Illustration.

W. W. Denslow Illustration. Minnie Gardner Illumination

W. W. Denslow Illustration. Minnie Gardner Illumination.

Bertha Hubbard Illustration.

W. W. Denslow Illustration.

Photos courtesy of Ron Soloway. Comments courtesy of Paul Jackson.

On Going to Church

by George Bernard Shaw, 1896

 #3 of 26

This book measures 7" x 4 5/8" and has 40 pages . It was illustrated by W. W. Denslow and Bertha Hubbard, illumined by Minnie Gardner and printed on Tokyo Vellum. The binding is Japan Vellum.
The September 1896 Philistine is where we first see mention of this book and there were actually two ads. They state that 25 copies are this book are being done on Japan vellum, another says "Tokio" vellum with various artists, including Bertha Hubbard doing the illuminating and that all copies being spoken for, but the asking price had been $5.00. The edition as we know was of 26.

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