The Complete Writings

Advertisements courtesy of Robert Rust and George Look.

The Complete Writings Advertisements

The two advertisements above are for a 40 Volume set of the Complete Writings on Italian hand made paper, printed in 3 colors, binding half Levant specially tooled by Mr. Kinder and pupils at a price of $10.00 per volume. The books to be issued at the rate of 4 books per year and limited to 1000 sets. 5 sets of these books were to be bound in full modeled leather with special designs and printed on Japan Vellum at $50.00 per volume. One set to be printed on full classic vellum and bound very special in full Levant at $200.00 per volume. This advertisement was found in an April 1909 Philistine by Robert Rust.
We do know that the Complete Writings which ended up being  a 20 volumes set limited to 1000 sets was started in 1908. Also we know that at least one set was bound in modeled leather and probably 15 sets were bound full Levant with at least two of those sets being bound by Lorenz Schwartz.

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