The Seventh Book of Savanna Education

Booklet and pictures courtesy of Dick Blacher. Comments by Paul Jackson.

Souvenir of Dedication of Baker Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church

Printed by the Roycroft Press, 1928.

This booklet  measures 11" x 84" and has 32 numbered. this booklet is a Souvenir of from the Dedication of Baker Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, East Aurora NY. from September 2md to the 7th 1928. Inside is a picture of the pastor, Rev. Harry and a photo of the church. The program includes the church events for the week. There are full pages listing the former pastors, description of the organ, 3 pages on the stained glass windows, items placed in the cornerstone in 1927, church history, and the building architecture. Additionally, this item is not  listed in McKenna.

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