The Deserted Village

Book, pictures and comment courtesy of Joe Sheldon. Description courtesy of Paul Jackson.

The Deserted Village

by Dr. Oliver Goldsmith, 1898
Illumined by Frank B. Rae Jr.

#32 of 40

The book measures 11 1/4" x 8 5/8" and has 55 pages. The body of the text is in Bookman and 470 copies were printed in two colors on John Dickinson water marked paper with #'s 1-40 being specially illumined. McKenna specifies the printing as having been done on Whatman paper but both of mine are on Dickinson. It is bound in paper over boards. All copies have hand drawn initial letters.  Additionally, 170 copies were printed on Japan Vellum and according to McKenna nine of these copies were specially illuminated. All copies were signed by or for Elbert Hubbard in his name. The book above is #27 of the specially illumined copies. The specially illumined copies of this book are listed in the 1899 catalog and sold for $10.00

Comment: The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith, printed by the Roycrofters in 1898 - Illumined by Frank B. Rae, Jr.
#32 of 40 specially illumined copies.
While this book was not printed by the Blue Sky Press, it was illumined by one of the principals of the Blue Sky Press: Frank B. Rae, Jr.
According to Paul Kruty (The Blue Sky Press of Hyde Park, 1899-1907. Chicago History, 1982 Fall & Winter), Frank B. Rae, Jr. was "the press's first art editor. Rae grew up in Hyde Park, attended the Art Institute [of Chicago], and in 1898 went to New York for further study. In 1899 he worked for Elbert Hubbard's Roycroft Press at East Aurora, New York. When he returned to Chicago in the spring of 1900, Stevens appointed him art editor or, as he wrote in the April issue of the magazine: For that we pitied him for having been reduced to the point of becoming a Roycrofter, and admired him that he was It no longer, we gave him a corner of the shop to work in."

Frank B. Rae, Jr. later moved to New Jersey where he founded the Alwil Press.

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