The Dipsy Chanty courtesy of David Hricik

1899 variant had Dipsy Chanty printed in red on page 9.

Photos courtesy of David Hricik

The Dipsy Chanty and Other Selected Poems

 by Rudyard Kipling, 1898

#6 of 60

The book measures 8" x 5" and has 90 pages.  The body of text is Antiqua Old Style and 950 copies were printed on Van Gelder handmade paper and bound in decorated suede. An unknown number of the suede bindings had sterling silver corners. McKenna states that 100 copies were specially illuminated and speculates that the illumination was only hand embellishment of the Lombardic initials in gold. While this is true for some copies, these pictures seem to dispel that notion. It may be that 100 were illuminated in that manner but 60 had additional illumination. As is normal with Roycroft Press books, there are disputes and conflicting reports as to the quantities printed and the accuracy of various limitation statements.

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