Great Scientists

The vast majority of the water marked pages in this book use the older paper with the Denslow designed watermark.

A few pages have the newer watermark.

Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Scientists
Vol. 1

by Elbert Hubbard, 1905

This book measures 8 1/8" X 6" and had 189 pages. The binding is 3/4 suede leather over marble board and in is Very Good +++ condition. The scientists covered in this book are Copernicus, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Humboldt, Herschel, and Charles Darwin. It was printed on Roycroft laid watermarked paper. The vast majority of the pages are the older paper utilizing the Denslow Sea Horse watermark. A few pages are printed on the newer Roycroft paper. This book is great condition with some minor bumping on the top of the spine if not for that this volume would be Fine as New! Truly Tremendous Condition a definite Beauty!

Elbert Hubbard founded the Roycroft Press in 1895. During it's 43 years of family operation it employed many artisans who went on to become famous in their own right. W. W. Denslow of Wizard of Oz fame, Dard Hunter master artisan and paper maker, Karl Kipp, Frederick Kranz, John Grabau, Sterling Lord, Walter Jennings, Louis Herman Kinder, Alexis Fournier and Lorenz Schwartz are among the Great employed by Hubbard. Unfortunately for the Arts and Crafts movement Elbert Hubbard and his second wife Alice died tragically on the Lusitania. This book would be a great edition or addition for any Roycroft collector or Arts and Crafts era collector.

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