Eminent Artists

Pictures and story courtesy of Mr. Richard Blacher.

Eminent Artists

Alice Hiles Presentation copy
#10 of 940

This book is inscribed as follows:
To Alice Hiles in Loving Token of her Little Journey to East Aurora.
Signed by Elbert Hubbard August 19th, 1902.

The book was also signed by:

Bertha Crawford Hubbard, Elbert Hubbard II, Alta Fattey,
Ralph Hubbard, Sanford Hubbard, Lyman Chandler,
Lyle "The Red One" Hawthorne, Andrew Andrews,
Albert Ward, Alfred Richard Kruger, Louis Herman Kinder,
Albert Danner, James Cadzow, Samuel Warner
Newell White, Charles Rosen, Anson Blackman,
Rudolph Roycroft von ???, Ralph Turner and others.
there is also a drawing my Alfred Richard Kruger alternately spelled Krueger who was an artisan that painted folding wooden screens made and sold by the Roycroft. Alice Hiles was an illuminator who worked at the Roycroft.

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