Little Journeys Eminent Artists

Books and pictures courtesy Dick Blacher. Comments by Paul Jackson

Little Journeys to The Homes of Eminent Artists

The modeled leather bindings above are believed to have been executed by Frederick Kranz.

The "Little Journeys" series have been printed in a multitude of styles, bindings and states of illumination. The Modeled leather variants above measure 8 1/8" x 6" and were printed in 1902. The states of illumination of Little Journeys books in general are a hodgepodge. It does not appear to matter what the date stated is, as some books from 1901 are not illuminated but others from 1900 and 1905 are illuminated. There is no consistency. Some of the volumes are listed as being produced in an edition of 947 but have no limitation number assigned and are illuminated and signed by illuminator. Others are signed for Hubbard and have no illumination but do have a limitation number. There is about every conceivable combination.

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