The Essay on Friendship courtesy of Boice Lydell

Pictures courtesy of Boice Lydell. Description by Paul Jackson.

The Essay on Friendship

by Ralph Waldo Emerson

#25 of 50 Copies

This book measures 7 7/8" x 5 3/4" and has 53 pages. The text body is set in Caslon and it was printed on Roycroft handmade paper. This particular volume is not listed in McKenna. It is almost exactly the same book except it was produced for the Society of Friends on 22 November 1899 vice the date of 10 July 1899 was the date for McKenna #4. See the link for #13 of 25 below. The title/presentation page seen in the picture above was added to this edition.

The variants I have seen are as follows:
1. Unlimited edition bound in suede and printed on Roycroft water-marked paper.
2. Edition of 25 bound in full Levant or paper over boards, printed on Japan vellum with hand illumined illustrations.
3. Edition of 50 bound in wallet edged suede printed on Roycroft water-marked paper, and signed by the illuminator.
4. Edition of 50 bound in paper over boards, printed on Roycroft water-marked paper and illumined. The difference of this book other than binding is the title page, page 9 chapter head "Friendship" is not solid black print and it is illumined and the date 22 Nov. 1899 vice 10 July 1899. This book was a special printing for; "The delectation of the Society of Friends."
5. Edition of 925 bound in suede, printed of Roycroft water-marked paper and illumined.

All of the  above variants with the exception of #4 have statements saying the book completed on 10 July 1899.

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