The Essay on Silence courtesy of Matt Gibbons

Alexis Jean Fournier

Sandor Landeau

Edna Mae Kipp

Alta & Elbert Hubbard II

Pictures courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Gibbons

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The Essay on Silence

Copy from the 1917 Roycroft Convention

The Essay on Silence was first printed in 1905 and was issued annually after that. It is, essentially, a book of blank pages. The book went through many permutations over the years. The copy shown above belonged to Clare Wiseman, an author whose nom de guerre was Wakeleigh Rhodes, and was signed by Karl Kipp and his wife Edna Mae Kipp, the painter Sandor Landeau, Alta and Elbert Hubbard II, Alexis Jean Fournier, Felix Shay, George Sylvester Viereck, James Schermerhorn, Joseph Leiser, (a poet and frequent contributor to The Fra), William Marion Reedy and many others. The drawings, signatures and musings of this group of famous people certainly make this book of much broader interest and higher value than a typical blank copy.

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