The Essay On Self-Reliance

Pictures and description courtesy of Paul Jackson.

The Essay On Self-Reliance

by Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1905

This is a very unique volume printed on Japan Vellum.

 This book measures 8 3/4" x 5 1/2" and has 51 pages. The text body is set in Bruce Roman and printed in black and pale green. The regular edition is bound in suede and printed on Roycroft hand-made paper. Additionally an edition of 100 copies was printed on Japan Vellum and bound in 3/4 leather. The book above is unique in that it is bound in suede and printed on Japan Vellum! McKenna states that he has seen only two of the unlimited edition printed on Japan Vellum, one of which was, like this volume, bound in suede and the other was bound in 3/4 leather. It is presently unknown if this is a an additional unlimited edition. At this time only 4 volumes are know to be unnumbered and printed on Japan Vellum.

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