Formulas For Bookbinders

Book, pictures and notes courtesy of Dick Blacher. Comments by Paul Jackson.

Formulas for Bookbinders

by Louis Herman Kinder, 1905

#2 of 490

The book  measures 11 1/2" x 9" and has 115 pages. The body of the text is Scotch Roman. This book was printed in a limited edition of 490 on Imperial Japan Vellum and was bound 3/4 Levant or a paper over boards with cloth spine trade edition as seen above.

Kinder dedicated Formula for Bookbinders to Fletcher W. Battershall. This copy, #2 of an edition of 490 copies of Formula for Bookbinders, is inscribed by Kinder, "For Mr. F. W. Battershall, with all kind wishes from his friend ~ Louis H. Kinder ~1905. It also has Battershall’s bookplate inside the front cover.

The dedication, "To my sincere friend, Fletcher W. Battershall, whose love for and unceasing labors in the study of artistic bookbinding I have ever deeply admired, these Formulas are dedicated" is found on the page immediately after the limitation statement.

Battershall (1866 – 1929) was a lawyer in New York who is better known for his books and treatises on bookbinding. His most famous book is Bookbinding for Bibliophiles, 1905. There is some reason to believe that Battershall studied bookbinding under Kinder at the Roycroft. Several of Battershall’s bindings (of relatively poor quality, it was reported to me) were sold at the antiquarian book show in Boston this year. I suspect, although I haven’t been able to confirm it, that Bookbinding for Bibliophiles was finished and/or printed before Kinder’s and, quite possibly, inspired Kinder to print his Formulas; hence the dedication.

Other thoughts – since this book was presented from one bookbinder to another, why didn’t Kinder present it in a special binding?  Also, I assume that copy #1 was presented to Hubbard, or kept by Kinder.  Can anyone else shed further light on their relationship?

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