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In approximately 1904 the Roycroft introduced a new type of binding called Modeled Leather or Repousse. This part of the bindery was headed by an irascible and hot headed German by the name of Frederick Kranz. Kranz produced many bindings of exceptional beauty and quality, unfortunately like most higher quality Roycroft books few were signed. Early catalogs attribute many full Levant bindings to Louis Kinder but the references to Kranz' work are far fewer. It is probably safe to assume that most of the earlier modeled leather was done by Kranz. Ironically, Kranz actually signed far more of his work than Kinder did, but the early references to particular work by Kranz is scant and makes accurate attribution, at least for me tougher.

An American Bible Full Leather

An American Bible, full leather Kranz

An American Bible, bound in flexible leather

Contemplations, Modeled Leather, #88 of 100

Eminent Artists, Modeled Leather

Essay on Nature

Friendship Love and Marriage

Health and Wealth, Modeled Leather

Last Ride, #19 of 25

Life Lessons, Modeled Leather, Kranz

Man of Sorrows, 1904 Modeled Leather

Man of Sorrows, 1904 Modeled leather #91 of 102

Man of Sorrows, 1904/05 Modeled Leather

Man of Sorrows, Modeled leather Frederick Kranz binding

The Mintage, Modeled leather with box

The Rubaiyat, 1904, Modeled leather, Kranz binding

Virginibus Puerisque, modeled leather, Kranz

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