A Garland of Verse

Book courtesy of George Konz. Retouching of pictures & description by Paul Jackson.

A Garland of Verse
by Edwin Leibfreed, 1910

This book measures approximately 8" x 6" and has 120 pages. This book has no limitation statement and is not listed in McKenna's bibliography. The cover art is the only illumination in the book and it is not known if it was done by a Roycroft artisan or was added later. Interestingly, the title page for this book has the same design/border as the 1905 Self Reliance which was printed on Japan Vellum and bound in 3/4 Levant or suede. From what I can find this may have been Edwin Leibfreed's first book. Searching ABE and other sources the oldest book by him that I can find is from 1915. Leibfreed was also the author of; A Man of a Thousand Loves and Other Poems - 1919 reprinted in 1932, A Soliloquy of Life and Other Poems - 1915, Windows of Gold - 1923, and Came Once a Man and Other Poems - 1943.

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