Glynne's Wife courtesy of David Hricik

Pictures courtesy of David Hricik, founder Roycroft E-Group.

Glynne's Wife

by Julia Ditto Young, 1896

The book measures 6 1/8" x 4 1/2" and there are 143 pages. The body of the text is set in Caslon and 596 copies of this book were printed on Ruisdael handmade paper with the limitation page printed on Japan vellum. It is bound in silk over boards. Twenty five copies were printed on Tokyo vellum and were hand-illuminated by the author. The entire issue was numbered and signed by the author.
The September 1896 Philistine is where we first see mention of this book. The ad states that 590 copies are being printed on smooth Holland made paper and 25 copies on "Tokio" vellum. It further states that the vellum copy will have various pages done with water color designs by the Author. The asking price was $2.00 and $5.00 respectively.

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