Guest Book

Watercolor drawing by Raymond Nott 1910.

Inscription by Raymond Nott.

The watercolor to the left and inscription above are by
George Cass-Papazian

Guest Book courtesy of Richard Blacher. Pictures and comments by Paul Jackson.

Guest Book

Here's another of those Roycroft rarities Mr. Blacher seems to find with surprising alacrity. This Guest book has two amazing watercolor sketches, one by Raymond Nott from 1910 and the other from 1917 by George Cass-Papazian. The inscriptions for the drawings are as follows:

Raymond Nott's Drawing

Happy indeed is the man, who for a few moments each day, can rise above the petty strife, - and turmoil of the city and find sweet - comfort and rest in his castles in the air.
Raymond Nott September 25th East Aurora New York.

George Cass-Papazian's Drawing

And forever, forever, forever,
We yearn for the mountains of snow.
And we struggle our song to discover
From the fountains insidious flow.
But the cypress - like shade quits us never
And with terrible sureness we know
We are bound, we are bound here below.
To wander forever........ forever.........
G. Cass-Papazian December 27th 1917.

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