Gutzon Borglum courtesy of Richard Blacher

Pictures courtesy of Mr. Richard Blacher. Pictures and comment by Paul Jackson.

Gutzon Borglum

Published by De Vinne Press, 1914.

Bound by the Roycroft Press, Jan. 21st 1915
Binding believed to be by Lorenz Schwartz

I find this book interesting in that it appears that Gutzon Borglum presented it to Elbert Hubbard on 22 December 1914. The inscription reads, "Bound by the Roycrofters for my Friend Gutzon Borglum America's Greatest Sculptor. Elbert Hubbard January 22nd 1915." The covers and spine have the look of a Lorenz Schwartz binding, which fits the time span in which he worked at the Roycroft,  1907 to 1915 and again from 1928 to 1947. The book was published by De Vinne Press and rebound by the Roycrofters.

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