Hamlet: Prince of Denmark

 Book and pictures courtesy of Boice Lydell. Commentary courtesy of Paul Jackson

Hamlet Prince of Denmark

by Shakespeare, 1902

The binding may have been executed by Louis Herman Kinder.
Illumined by Alta Fatty the future wife of Elbert Hubbard II

 This book measures 10" x 8" and has 172 pages. The body of the text is Bruce Roman printed on Roycroft handmade watermarked paper. The regular edition of this book was bound in paper over boards with a suede spine. A few of this edition were illuminated and some bindings also had suede corners. There was also an edition of 100 printed on Imperial Japan Vellum and bound 3/4 Levant. This book is unique in that it is a 3/4 binding, unlimited, illumined and printed on Roycroft watermarked paper. This variant is not mentioned in McKenna. With regards to the binding we know that at the very least Kinder's tools were used to execute the binding. The flower in the top compartment was made using tool #430 from box #20, the buds in the lower two compartments were made using tool #431 from box #20 and the escutcheon in the center of the 3rd compartment from the top was made using tool #107 from box #68. Most of the other tools are identifiable also. 

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