Hamlet: Prince of Denmark

Note Frances Hubbard Larkin bookplate.

Book, pictures and note courtesy of Robert Rust. Commentary courtesy of Paul Jackson

Hamlet Prince of Denmark

by Shakespeare, 1902

Note: This Hamlet was a gift to Elbert Hubbard's sister Frances(Frank) Larkin. It is annotated by her in pencil where Elbert Hubbard changed Shakesphere's words... and  he copyrighted the changes! (see newpaper article) Read the review...it is great! Also only copy I have ever seen in 3/4 Plum-Colored Suede and complementary marbled paper. It is one of my first Roycroft books and came from the famous Robb Library sold in Buffalo in the early 1970's. Mrs. Robb was another Larkin, the daughter of Frances and John Larkin, Elbert Hubbard's sister and brother-in law. No illuminator mentioned or signature from her brother. I do have a City of Tagaste from the same library that was a Christmas gift to Frankie from " Bert and Bertha". I suspect that until the Larkin's sided with Bertha in the Divorce that each new book of the press was sent to his older sister and her husband.

 This book measures 10" x 8" and has 172 pages. The body of the text is Bruce Roman printed on Roycroft handmade watermarked paper. The binding is marbled paper over boards with a suede spine. A few of this edition were illuminated and some bindings also had suede corners. There was also an edition of 100 that was printed on Imperial Japan Vellum and bound 3/4 Levant. This book above was listed in the 1902 and 1903 catalogs and sold for $5.00

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