A Little Journey to the Home of Jac Auer

Elbert Hubbard's Vital Statistics.

Book courtesy of Paulette & Stephen Modiano. Pictures and comments by Paul Jackson.

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A Little Journey to the Home of Jac Auer

by Elbert Hubbard, 1915

This book measures approximately  8" x 6" and has 26 unnumbered pages plus 9 photo plates and title page. This book is not listed in McKenna and I have never seen another one and only know of one other. This book differs from the Little Journeys to Jac Auer chap book in a few distinct ways. First, the book above is printed on Roycroft watermarked paper. Second, the pages are not numbered in the book but they are in the chapbook. Third the running heads in the chap book are red and in the suede bound book above they are black. The book above is a totally separate printing from the chap book and as such is quite uncommon. This is not just a chap book being rebound in suede by the Roycrofters as is often seen, it is a separate and distinct printing of Jac Auer.

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