King Lear courtesy of Dick Blacher

Pictures and note courtesy of Dick Blacher. Description courtesy of Paul Jackson.

King Lear

 by William Shakespeare, 1904

Note: #15 of 100 with a probable Kinder Binding.

This book measures 10 1/4" x 8" and has 147 pages. The text body is set in Scotch Roman printed on Japan Vellum for the limited edition of 100 depicted above. The regular edition was printed on Roycroft handmade paper and bound paper over boards with a suede spine. There was also an unlimited edition variant bound in paper over boards with a leather spine similar to the Miriam style binding, but definitely not Miriam. The limited edition is illumined, numbered and signed in Elbert Hubbard's name. The binding on the book above is believed to be by Louis Herman Kinder.

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