The Last Ride courtesy of Dick Blacher

Pictures and description courtesy of Dick Blacher

The Last Ride

by Robert Browning, 1900

#15 of 25

The Last Ride, by Robert Browning, 1900 #15 of 25 copies, printed on classic vellum. In a pamphlet promoting his periodical, The Whisper, Kinder depicted this doublure and frontis piece illustration. He stated, "Forty-five tools and nearly nineteen hundred impressions were required for the execution of this design." Further, "I spent just three hours and thirty-five minutes on this one side of the cover." (Ref: Kinder, by Richard Wolfe, 1985) The inscription on the limitation page reads, "Dear Wm. J. Gable, it is eight years since I signed the above. The book looks good to me now. It is the first book we printed on vellum - and we have only issued two since. This Vellum was sent to me by Wm. Morris - great and good. Love & blessings, Elbert Hubbard, June 2nd, 1908." Note: That the outside covers are undecorated.  This book is listed in the 1900 catalog and sold for $100.00

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