The Last Ride courtesy of Dick Blacher

L. H. Kinder is stamped in gold on the bottom left edge of binding.

Pictures and commentary courtesy of Dick Blacher

The Last Ride

by Robert Browning, 1900
 #21 of 25 copies, printed on Classic Vellum.

Three fascinating letters from Elbert Hubbard II to the buyer detail the sale of the book and how it came about, the book itself and its peculiarities, and the artists involved in its production. They also provide quite a bit of insight into the kinds of services Roycroft provided and the kinds of (sometimes surprisingly unsophisticated) customers they catered to, clients that could afford to spend $125.00 for a book in 1926. E. H. II writes in one letter, "I will have Mr. Kinder's name stamped in the back as being the binder."  This book is listed in the 1900 catalog and sold for $100.00

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