Life Lessons courtesy of Boice Lydell

Pictures courtesy of Roycroft Historian Boice Lydell. Comment courtesy of Dick Blacher. Description courtesy of Paul Jackson.

Life Lessons

by Alice Hubbard, 1909

Harry Avery was among the first of Kinder's students, I've found very little information about his life. His particular forte as a binder was the use of inlays. Unlike Dick Wolfe in his book on Kinder and Dave Ogle in his forthcoming book on the Roycroft, On a High Shelf, I feel strongly that Avery's bindings are among the very best and most sophisticated produced at the Roycroft Shop. Notice the use of inlays in this binding.

The book measures 8" x 7" with the text body in Monotype 97. It was printed in 3 colors on Boxmoor paper. Some editions were printed on Japan vellum. Dard Hunter designed the title page, colophon, ornaments and initials. This is the only book with Dard Hunter's name in the colophon. The bindings for this book were done in 3/4 leather, full Levant, Alicia and paper boards with a suede spine.

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