Little Journeys Old English Parchment Binding

Books and pictures courtesy of Paul Jackson

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Little Journeys

Special Old English Parchment or Vellum Binding

Various Dates

The "Little Journeys" series have been printed in a multitude of styles, bindings and states of illumination. The measurements of the book style above varies from 7" x  4 1/2" to 7 7/8" x 6". The smaller of the bindings tend to be Putnam and Sons i.e. Knickerbocker Press and the larger Roycroft Press. The states of illumination are a hodge podge. It does not appear to matter what the date stated is, as some books from 1901 are not illuminated but others from 1900 and 1905 are illuminated. There is no consistency. None of the volumes have a limitation number assigned. This is a 26 volume set with the first  5 volumes being small and the next 21 volumes being of the larger type. This is another set I find quite fascinating.

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