A Little Journey to The Owl drug Co's Stores

Booklet courtesy of Dick Blacher. Pictures and comments by Paul Jackson.

A Little Journey to The Owl Drug Co's Stores

By Elbert Hubbard, 1912

This booklet measures 6 1/4" x 4 5/8" and has 29 pages.

Side Bar Info:

In America, the Owl Drug Company opened its doors in 1892 dispensing medicine, soda, pills and poisons in its own distinctive bottles. The first store was at 1128 Market Street, San Francisco. The company's success led to its expansion to a dozen states as far East as New York. It was eventually purchased by Rexall Drugs. But during its heyday, the Owl Drug Company produced cobalt blue and clear bottles embossed with its owl logo sitting on a mortar bowl. The cobalt bottles are particular favorites with collectors. The Owl Drug Company produced its bottles with many variations, including: one-wing owls, two-wing owls, long tail, no tail, short tail, potbelly owl, and more. When Rexall purchased the Owl Drug Co. in 1920, it stopped making Owl bottles.  Interestingly, the Owl Drug Store in downtown Tucson, Arizona was frequented by gangster John Dillinger before his arrest on January 25, 1934.

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