Love, Life and Work courtesy of Dick Blacher

Pictures courtesy of Dick Blacher. Description courtesy of Paul Jackson.

Love, Life and Work

 by Elbert hubbard, 1906

#23 of 103

This book measures 7" x 4 1/2" and has 150 pages. The text body is set in Caslon and was printed in red and orange on unmarked laid paper.  The binding variants include a limited edition of 103, depicted above, that was  printed on Japan Vellum and bound  3/4 Levant, (This edition is not listed in McKenna, but I believe the edition of 90 listed in McKenna to be erroneous and based upon the December 1906 Philistine advertisement), and the regular edition bound in blind stamped suede. Additional binding variants are two copies bound in full leather and printed on Japan Vellum, paper over boards and modeled leather. The initials and title page although not signed, were designed by Dard Hunter.

This book was listed in the December 1906 Philistine with prices quoted as follows: limp leather silk lined (read suede) $2.00, a few copies in modeled leather, $7.50, 90 copies bound 3/4 Levant and printed on Japan vellum,  $10.00 (we now know there was a limitation of 103) and 2 copies bound full Levant at $50.00.
The advertisement states that this book is, " A collection of essays, being a book of opinions, reasonably good natured, concerning how to attain the highest happiness for one's self with the least possible harm to others."

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