The Man of Sorrows courtesy of Joe Kroboth

A very nice example of a Harry Avery binding

Doublure with gold dentelles and marbled paper.

Notice H. A. at top.

Book and photos courtesy of Joe Kroboth.

The Man of Sorrows

by Elbert Hubbard, 1906

This book measures 8" x 5" and has 120 pages. The text body is in Scotch Roman, printed in two color on Roycroft handmade paper.  The title page is brown and black and the text is black only. The binding variants of this book are as follows. The regular edition was bound is suede; 200 copies were bound 3/4 Levant and printed on Japan vellum. The edition of 200 books were all signed by or for Elbert Hubbard. Although no mention is made in McKenna of a full Levant version for 1906, the volume above is a 1906 edition bound by Harry Avery.

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