The Man of Sorrows courtesy of Dick Blacher

Dark areas on this picture are shadows.

Pictures and description courtesy of Dick Blacher

The Man of Sorrows

by Elbert Hubbard, 1905

#72 of 100 Copies

This book measures 8" x 5" and has 111 pages. The text body was set in  Scotch Roman and printed on Imperial Japan Vellum. The title page, initials, and colophon are hand illumined. There were 100 copies bound in either 3/4 or full Levant. This particular binding is by Harry Avery.

Harry Avery was among the first of Kinder's students, I've found very little information about his life. His particular forte as a binder was the use of inlays. Unlike Dick Wolfe in his book on Kinder and Dave Ogle in his forthcoming book on the Roycroft, On a High Shelf, I feel strongly that Avery's bindings are among the very best and most sophisticated produced at the Roycroft Shop. Notice the use of inlays in this binding.

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