The Man of Sorrows courtesy of Robert Rust

Pictures are courtesy of Robert Rust. Commentary by Paul Jackson.

Man of Sorrows

by Elbert Hubbard, 1904/1905

Binding executed by Sterling Lord

This book measures 8" x 5" and has 112 pages plus colophon. The text body was set in  Scotch Roman and printed on Imperial Japan Vellum. The title page, initials, and colophon are hand illumined. There were 100 copies bound in either 3/4 or full Levant. The binding above is an Intarsia binding by Sterling Lord. Notice the intertwined initials show above. Sterling Lord's initials were intertwined on his signed bindings. These are often confused with Lorenz Schwartz bindings. Lorenz Schwartz's initials were done intertwined (almost identical to Sterling Lord's), intertwined with one stamped on the other, or horizontally one after the other, or just his last name alone. The intertwined initials is where the confusion comes in. To see the difference follow the link below.

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