Maud courtesy of The Elbert Hubbard Museum

Illumined by Loretta Hubbs

Book courtesy of the Elbert hubbard Museum. Pictures courtesy of Paul Jackson


by Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1900

#13 of 40

This book measures 8 1/4" x 5 1/4" and has 80 pages. The text body is set in ATF Satanick and was printed on Whatman paper. The regular edition of this book is bound in suede or paper over boards. There is also a suede edition of 100 with special illuminations and an edition of 350 bound in suede and illumined. The edition of 40 shown above, was printed on Imperial Japan Vellum and bound in 3/4 leather and marbleboard. Samuel Warner designed the initials and title page. Please pardon my blurry photography. If your ever in East Aurora and go to a meeting of the Historical Society, watch out for the Uncle Bob's punch! It doesn't help you focus a camera.  This book is listed in the 1900 catalog and sold for $10.00

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