Message to Garcia Links

A Message to Garcia: Being a Small Homily 1899

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway 1916

VFW Version

Rowan Reception 1899


Large Format Message Roycrofters

VFW Version 1

Kings Insurance Message 1899

Wm H. Wise 1917

Bigelow-Hartford Carpet Co.

Central Printing 1900 Avery Woodblock

Wm H. Wise 1917 Variant Blue Covers

Good Reading Rack, No Date

1903 Variant

Boy Scouts 1917 Printing

Japanese Message date unknown

Rowan Variant 1904 Roycroft

United States Navy 1920

Message to Garcia 8 Variants


Dard Hunter designed 1907

How I Carried The Message to Garcia 1922

Illumined initial, no date.

Dard Hunter designed 1907 variant

1927 Military Order of the Purple Heart Edition, 1927

Variant Cover, no date.

Wanamaker Message, English and Japanese 1909

1928 Variant

Variant 1899/1900 est. No Date

Roycroft Message 1916 Spanish

Roycroft 1935

Queen Insurance Company

Message to Garcia 1916 English

Collier 1935

Variant Cover 1, no date

Canal Zone Garcia


1947 Aviation Cadets

Rowan's Own Story


John Wannamaker Store Edition


United States Naval Academy

Message to Variant

NYC RR Pan Am Expo Edition

NYC RR 4 Track Series