A Message to Garcia courtesy of Matt Gibbons

Pictures and description courtesy of Matt Gibbons

How I Carried The Message to Garcia

"How I Carried The Message to Garcia" This was written by Col. Andrew S. Rowan. Rowan is the man Hubbard actually wrote the Message about. The is no copyright date, but I am assuming it is from 1922 due to a passage in the book and the fact the book is signed and dated by Bert Hubbard of 09/26/22. It is addressed by Bert to a name I cannot make out. The book looks like it was Roycroft published, but it was not. It was published by Walter D. Harney out of Chicago. The booklet does however give some nice praise to Elbert Hubbard who is referred to as 'The Mastermind of Inspiration." A neat booklet written by the man it was written about!

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