A Message to Garcia courtesy of Boice Lydell

Books and pictures courtesy of Roycroft Historian Boice Lydell.

A Message to Garcia

by Elbert Hubbard, 1922

The 2nd Smallest Roycroft Press Book!

The book  measures 2 1/8" x  1 5/8" and the leather binding is believed to be the work of George ScheideMantel. Mr. ScheideMantel started at the Roycroft as a bellboy and ended his career at the Roycroft as a Master leather crafter and head of the leather department. The Roycroft-built house where George and his wife Gladys lived, beautifully preserved and filled with Roycroft furniture and original period pieces, is now the home of the Elbert Hubbard Museum. The book above is in a box but I could not do any interior photography.

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