Hand Made Gifts

Catalog and commentary courtesy of Dick Blacher. Additional information from Loch Lea Antiques.

Hand Made Gifts

From The Roycroft Shops East Aurora New York

This catalogue measures 9" x 6 1/2" and has 40 pages. This catalog was believed to be from 1919 - 1920. However, based upon information provided by Margaret Layton, of Loch Lea Antiques the date is now thought to be 1917. This was based upon the following information: Included in my copy is a form letter from Elbert Hubbard II dated "Gift Season, 1917" and some inserts including an order
form and one referencing "Order early because of the Extraordinary Strain on Transportation Facilities, you can do your "bit" to help the General Situation by sending us your Christmas Orders Early", which seems to be a reference to the war effort.

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