Old John Burroughs

Note the gauffered edge on this fine binding.

Book and photos courtesy of David Rago and Craftsman Auctions. Commentary by Paul Jackson additional notes by Dick Blacher. And the Lucky Winner of lot #402 is Mr. Dick Blacher, Congratulations Dick on a very nice addition to your collection!

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Old John Burroughs

by Elbert Hubbard, 1901
Binding by Louis Kinder

Illumined by Richard Kruger and Clara Schlegel

This book measures 8 1/4" x 5 1/4" and has 19 pages. The text body is set in Caslon  and printed on Japan Vellum. The regular edition was printed on Dickinson handmade, Roycroft watermarked paper. The regular edition of this book was bound in paper over boards with a cloth spine. Additionally twelve copies are known to be bound in full leather with extra illumination as shown above. The book contains manuscript reproduction pages and a photo of Burroughs which were printed on Japan Vellum. The title page, initials and colophon are typically hand illuminated.  This binding was executed by Louis Kinder. Richard Kruger the illuminator designed the ornaments for Contemplations and also painted folding screens for the Roycroft. Additionally, the gauffered top edge is quite unique for a Roycroft binding.
Paul Jackson

Although itís a very pretty Kinder binding, when compared to many of the other Kinder bindings on this site, itís somewhat pedestrian.  However, the book itself has several other attributes that provide its WOW factor.  The first is the floral watercolor by Richard Kruger on the moirť lining inside the front cover.  Iíve seen similar decorations on covers of other Roycroft books, but never with such a bold signature.  The second is the unusual, impressed and tinted design on the top edge of the book (see photo), which Iíve never seen before.  The third WOW factor is the spectacular watercolor florals Ė all different Ė by Clara Schlegel on every single page.  Most Roycroft books featuring this kind of decoration will have them in just a few scattered locations.  Last, but not least, is the gift card envelope (the seller incorrectly identified this as a hand painted bookmark, although it might be used as one) laid in.  It, too, bears a lovely watercolor of a daffodil.  Whoever received this beautiful gift must have been very special to the three artists that cooperated in its production. Dick Blacher

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