The Rescue of Helen courtesy of Ernie and Janet Brammer

Book and pictures courtesy of Ernie and Janet Brammer.

The Rescue of Helen

by (The Three Armour Bearers), John A Campbell, Elbert Hubbard, and Henry P. Williams

#133 of 240

This book measures 8 1/2" x 6" and has 22 numbered pages. This book was printed in an edition of 240 copies and was bound in suede and printed on laid paper. The book is about an expedition and endeavour to establish a National Park at the head waters of the Mississippi River in the vicinity of Lake Helen and Lake Cass in the Autumn of 1899. Some of the players in the expedition were Teddy Roosevelt, Elbert Hubbard, Brad Hennesey, John Campbell, and Henry Williams. Thomas H. Wickes, Vice President of the Pullman company ensured that Pullman covered the travel expenses for the group at the behest of Alderman Henry S. Fitch. This book is not listed in McKenna and is not dated but appears to be from 1900 based on initial designs and the Roycroft orb used. The Initial used on the title page is the same as the those used in the 1900 Rubaiyat. The initial with the Lion holding the L is the same as some of the more elaborate initials used in the 1899 Ali Baba and the initial used in the preface is the same as the smaller initials used in Ali Baba. The Roycroft initial in the rectangular box is exactly the same as that used in The Intellectual Life title page. Based upon this I am almost positive this book was published in 1900.

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